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Organic Mango | Health Benefits | Why To Buy it ?

Benefits of Organic Mango. Not all mangoes are being sold in the market is organic mango. For the common public, it is very difficult to identify the naturally ripened mangoes and artificially or chemically ripened mangoes. Artificially ripened mangoes can pose many health problems for the body.

Always choose organic mangos for buying because it has many health benefits.


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Why we should choose organic mango?

An organic mango is grown using naturally made fertilizers. Preferring Organic mango can bring about, more advantages than conventional mango in terms of quality, nutrition, and taste.

Nutrition of Organic Mango

One whole mango, 

  • it weighs about 225gms, 
  • contains 105 calories,
  •  76% vitamin C, 
  • 25% vitamin A, 
  • 11% vitamin B, 

It also contains a built-in mix of potassium and magnesium that is an antioxidant, it improves vision and acts as an immunity booster too.


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There are some health benefits of organic mango have :

  1. Prevents Asthma: Organic mangoes contain a high value of beta carotene so consuming in good quantity can prevent Asthma.
  2. Heat Disease: Organic mango is a good source of vitamin, potassium, and fiber which are very helpful in preventing heart diseases. It also protects the heart from coronary artery disease and stroke by lowering the homocysteine level in the blood.
  3. Cancer: Organic mangoes can protect against prostate cancer, colon cancer, and breast cancer as organic mango contain a good amount of vitamin, fiber, mineral, and polyphenolic flavonoid beta carotene.
  4. Helps Diabetes: Organic mango can be a good option for people who are trying to blood sugar levels. This is so because it has low GI content and also rich in other nutrients.
  5. Improves Bone Health: Organic mango makes bone stronger as it contains a good amount of Vitamin C and also increases the absorption of Calcium which is very helpful in maintaining bone health.
  6. Boost Immunity: Organic Mango is a good source of vitamin and other 25 types of carotenoids helpful in improving the immune system. Vitamin helps in the fight against infections. The deficiency of vitamin A can be a risk for many infectious diseases.
  7. Skin and Hair: Vitamin C found in Organic mango makes collagen – a protein responsible for giving structure to hair and skin. Collagen also prevents wrinkling.
  8. Improves Eyesight: Organic mango contains vitamin A, alpha-carotene, beta carotene, beta-cryptoxanthin helps in maintaining good vision.
  9. Improves digestive system: Organic mango contains a high amount of fiber which is good to improve digestion. 


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Conclusively, Organic mango brings a lot of health benefits for our body, than conventionally grown mango which is bombarded with harmful chemicals thereby poses a great health danger to the body. So never compromise with your health as Mango is the king of fruits.

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